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6 EASY Steps to get healthy and STAY motivated 🥑💪

We could all use a little motivation to be healthy, to get fit and to STAY in that realm of nailing life. In this article I want to try and inspire some motivation to not only get healthy, but to find ease in the perceived effort!

Motivation certainly comes in waves for most, but why do some people find it easier to keep the ball rolling?

I am going to share with you what I consider to be six essential elements, when in alignment, that help make commitment to healthy lifestyle change more attainable.

motivation to be healthy

Lets just take moment first to acknowledge that the journey towards becoming our most healthful self – it is rarely linear.

We will get spun around multiple times, sent ten steps back and then propelled forward. This is learning and this it what means to growth.

We are usually derailed from our path, when our egos of gluttony and instant gratification become more dominant. However, never allow yourself to feel guilty for these ‘steps back’, instead trust there is learning in every step, both forward and back.  

Find your power WHY

Why are you here reading this? What is your motivation to be healthy? What is it you want from this LIFE?

For me – I want to live in a way where it feels like my IBS has disappeared.

I want to prioritise time on my yoga mat and I sure as hell won’t with a hangover.

These driving forces are more powerful then anything else (most of the time). Sometimes they are not and I ‘fall off the wagon’, but this doesn’t mean I have un done all of my progress.

We are such harsh critics of ourselves and any step taken other than forward can sometimes result in some pretty negative mental noise. Belittling yourself of feeling guilty are both self imposed layers of suffering. They will trigger anxiety and depression and will never get you where you want.

Never allow your mind to become a bully. Instead talk to yourself the way you would talk to a child. Be soft, be loving.

Environment is Key

Simply feeling that motivation to be healthy… it is not always enough. Environment is key. Truly it is.

For many of us, we our products of our surroundings. We are likely going to behave similarly to those that we spend the most time with, those we live with, our partners. Look at what and who is around you. Do you see similarities?

Do keep in mind however, that you can’t run away from your own mental baggage.

One time I took myself across the world in order to drastically change my environment. I wanted to go and eat only fruit and heal my body without all the temptation that surrounds me in my ‘real world’.

Little did I know, that mental baggage gets checked onto all of your flights for free.

Away from all of my friends, from all my typical comforts, I STILL found myself (all on my own), elbows deep in cooked food and wine. Not to mention, all of this took place the night before a raw vegan fruit festival.

I woke up still drunk, pulling crumbs of shame and bread from my hair, as I walked to towards a bus of glowing fruitarains!

Anyway, my point is – you have to do the emotional work to change your beliefs and mind set.

Of course, it is only going to serve you well to surround yourself by an environment that is conducive to your health goals. 

Find Support

If you are unable to change your environment, then find support any way that you can. The online realms connect you with all kinds of people, on all kinds of paths. Facebook groups are a great start in connecting with those who are speaking your language.

During some of my most confusing times on my healing path, it has been my online pen pal people that have been my biggest support.

Look online, find events that resonate with your goals and meet people. They are out there. Feeling alone will make you vulnerable.

So find your people – physically or online.

Self Care Practice

motivation to be healthy

You don’t have to practice yoga and meditation as I do, but do find your version of something that quietens the mind and makes you feel amazing.

This could look like hiking, painting, creating music, maybe its going to the gym if that is your jam. Find something that YOU love that much, that it makes those un-healthful behaviours seem not worth the price. 

Once your priorities start to fall into alignment, the effort will become less in keeping the motivational ball rolling.

Establish a Routine

Get into a routine. I LOVE routine. Our bodies and our mind respond well to routine.

On my days where I am my most ‘healthful’, usually there is a vague plan in place. I’ll know what time I am getting up, how long I can spend on my practices and when I am going to fit in exercise.

I know how many hours I am going to work for before I take a break and have planned ahead what needs to get done that day.

I roughly know when I’ll be eating and I know what time I will meditate before I go to bed. I make sure I get enough sleep so I can get up early and do it again the next day.

You don’t have to be so rigid with this. Seriously, try to be fluid and be flexible. Have dinner an hour later and see friends last minute. Go and jump in the ocean if you need a pick me up, or take a nap. Just notice on the days where you have made time for the things that make you feel your best – you are more likely to stick to them.  

Get Mentally Sound

Check in with yourself and your mental game – what stories are you running throughout the day?

Are you constantly stressed and ‘too busy’? Are you sabotaging yourself because there is some emotional upset in the mind? A lot of people don’t even realise that they are making un-healthful choices – food and other behaviours – because the mind is unbalanced.

We are so very hungry for connection, pleasure, stimulation and there is nothing wrong with that. However, in our attempt to grasp these we often sabotage ourselves. We want instant gratification NOW and we often get it in the form of food, drinking, drugs and just being lazy in general. 

The Most Important Part?


I stand by these six elements. I truly believe that when they are in alignment holding onto motivation to be healthy comes with ease.


Life is all about balance. I can be captain extreme and I have found myself too serious at times. Too invested in going to bed early. Too harsh on myself when I end up on the wines with friends.

Always enjoy what you’re doing. If you try and force yourself into a rigid plan you are going to burnout and blowout. Trust me when I say I have been there.

There is more to life then being 100% healthy all of the time.

Laugh. Play. Drink the wine and eat the pizza.

Take Home Message

The 6 elements that inspire motivation to be healthy;

Find your power WHY 

Environment is Key

Find Support

Self Care Practice

Establish a Routine

Get Mentally Sound

Don’t feel guilty when you are not ‘perfect’ 

Allow for indulgence! I like to live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I am acting in alignment with my health goals. 20% indulgence is OK.

This is more calming for my mind, because 100% restriction is the devil. It can transform into guilty bingeing. Followed by more restriction to ‘get back on track’.

This is a HORRIBLE repetitive cycle to be stuck in. So be kind and show yourself love. Trust that if you just keep showing up – these healthy behaviours will become habits!

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