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Weak Digestive System Symptoms🤰Healing Tips

There are a variety of weak digestive system symptoms to indicate an imbalance in the gut. More often than not the cues are loud, but sometimes they can be subtle enough that we can let things get into a horrendous state before we are forced to take action.

Although a little gas or bloating can be innocent enough, it is important that we listen to our body and respond when action is needed.

This article is going to explore the symptoms of a weak digestive system and provide you with some options for calming the gut down. 

weak digestive system symptoms

I have been in digestive hell for a few years. I know that it is much more than a physical experience.

The anxiety and frustration I have felt at my own body for not responding to the ‘cleanest’ diets, or all the expensive herbal protocols. 

I experienced extreme hopelessness in the beginning of my journey when nothing the doc prescribed worked. I continued to blindly take the myriad of prescription meds they would prescribe though because of the belief that the doctor ‘knows best’….

When it comes to gut health, doctors actually do NOT know best.

They will attempt to band aid your symptoms and after a few rounds of drugs that do more harm than healing, they will tell you that you have IBS and that there is no cure. 

One thing that is true, is that there is no quick fix. There is also no one method to suit all, but I will not admit defeat.

However, I am now a strong advocate of taking healing into your own hands. 

This can be equally as frustrating as it is scary at times. For sure. One of the big challenges to be wary of is falling too deep into any one particular rabbit hole. You can waste a lot of time and energy when you become dogmatic in one belief system and trust me there are many out there claiming to have the found the elixir of life.

Of course if you find something that works, amazing, stick at it. 

However, if something is not working for you. Adjust. Always allow room to be flexible and fluid. This is the only way we learn and evolve.  

Digestive Dilemmas 

How prevalent they truly are! I don’t know whether I find it comforting to know that so many people are in the same bloated boat as I am, or if it scares me because there really seems to be no healing going on out there!

Most people will have at least experienced some form of discomfort in the belly, but when symptoms are chronic and persistent it can really take its toll mentally and physically. 

A lot of people experience relief when they clean up their diet and this is not a surprise when you look at the kinds of foods we are typically eating. Not to mention our relationship to food, where more is more and even MORE is more when we are sad, lonely, bored or looking to connect. 

For some lucky people a simple diet clean up can do the trick.

However, when there is something more going on even the cleanest diet can be of no avail and this is frustrating beyond belief. When you are doing ‘all the right things’ (which are often not the right things), and you STILL suffer… this is when a dark and heavy cloak of hopelessness can start to weigh down on your shoulders. 

For me the game changer was getting my mind in check. I was obsessed with finding my ‘heal all’ and was looking into all the corners of the internet, trying to find what worked for others.

At first it was trying to find that one pill. Soon that turned into finding that one fast (to rule them all…)

I know, I’ll eat only mangoes for 30 days. That will reset my whole body.

It didn’t. 

Understanding that my obsession and stress were only making things worse, forced me to stop and breathe. I know this isn’t the advice you want, you want a solution… I know.

In the meantime though you HAVE to get your mind in check. Comprehend that you are NOT your gut health. You are NOT your bloated belly, you are a being in a physical body simply experiencing GI discomfort and EVERYTHING is impermanent and fleeting. 

I won’t go on and on about the importance and beauty of meditation (for now), but I will just say that the gut-brain connection is so widely acknowledged that it is something to look into. 

Weak Digestive System Symptoms

There are many tell tale signs that the gut is imbalanced.

Sometimes these signs can be obvious and hard to ignore, but other times the cues are more subtle. Some of the most common are;







Food intolerances





Even when we are eating all the ‘right things’, if the body is unable to digest and utilise our food we can become malnourished. Low B12 and low iron are both common indicators that the gut is not absorbing effectively what it needs. Many people will be quick to take a supplement but this is not going to treat the root cause of the issue.  

Coming back to that gut-brain connection.

Often what is going on in the belly, can have a direct effect on your mental health. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, brain fog… these can also be a sign of gut imbalance.  

Bowel Movements

Another question that no one wants to ask, but is more than informative in regards to gut health;

‘how many bowel movements are you having a day?’ 

Think about how many meals you are having, the size of those meals and what their transit time through the body is? When you think about it in these terms, maybe you can see that going once a day doesn’t really cut it. 

Although once a day would be said to be the ‘norm’, ideally you want to be having 2-3 healthy bowel movements a day (if you are having 2-3 hearty meals)

Plan of Attack 

All of these symptoms, your bowel movements and the state of your mental health can tell you a lot about the state of your GI tract.

If you are suffering from any of these, I feel your pain and I want to share with you now what is supporting me when I am suffering. 

What can you actually do to ease your woes? 

When your symptoms are raging, when suffering is relentless and nothing is easing your discomfort, my advice to you is to fast. 

Even it is just for 24hours. 

You should navigate this in any way that feels good for you. You can juice or water fast and either one will give your digestive system a break. Even if 24 hours is out of your comfort zone, you could simply push out your first meal of the day and fast for 15 hours… 18 hours.

The aim is to remove everything that is irritating the system and let it settle.

What you do next will be dependant on where you are at and what you are comfortable with. You could continue to fast, really allowing the body to rest or find another healing protocol that suits.

This is where you will want to do your own research. Remember what I said about not getting trapped in any one rabbit hole though…. Keep an open mind, find what resonates and leave what doesn’t. 

One option if you are more detox inclined, is to try a more elaborate fasting protocol. You could extend your fast with juice or water. A more intensive fast that I have not done myself, but I see many doing is The Master Fast System. This protocol involves drinking pasteurised grape juice, dry fasting, taking herbal support and doing enemas to help clean the terrain. This fast is not to be taken lightly and would require that you to do the research and have adequate support!

weak digestive system symptoms
Mucusless Diet Healing System

Another option is to onto a herbal protocol and go for mucus free foods.

Another is to do a mono fruit feast.

weak digestive system symptoms
Mono Meals – The Easiest on Digestion

Other options are experimenting with an elimination diet, or bringing in fermented foods and drinks to try and boost your gut flora. 

I know I’ve just thrown a lot of options at you. I am sorry for that. Try not to be overwhelmed as stress is a major gut irritant, just be glad there are options.

The first thing you want to do, is to take a breath. Allow the breath to quieten and find relief from mental suffering.

Take Home Message

When the digestive system is outta whack, it can take its toll mentally and physically. Sometimes symptoms are easy to ignore and other times they are there loud and clear, but regardless you want to take them seriously. 

All dis-ease starts in the gut. 

It’s not just me saying that… these are the wise words of Hippocrates.

A little bit of food baby bloating or gas can be innocent enough. However, when your symptoms are persistent and seemingly unwarranted some investigation might be due. 

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by the myriad of information out there. Stress is only going to exacerbate your symptoms further and worry adds nothing productive to the situation. I KNOW this is easier said then done, but when you are lost in a vortex of anxiety and depression try to come back to the breath and know you WILL be OK and YOU are NOT you digestive problems. 

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Mono Fruit Island 🍉 Eat Fruit for Better Digestion

The secrets out, the powers of fruit and mono fruit diets are becoming more common knowledge

but what is this mono fruit island they speak of?

Where is this fruity paradise? Well, what if I told you, you can experience the joys of mono fruit island life, all from the comfort of your own home? 

That’s a sick joke right…. I want to go to the island too, BUT mono fruit island is actually a concept as opposed to a magical land of mangoes and fruity friends riding the same wave to health as you. 

mono fruit island
1 x Literal Fruit Island Please and Thank You

Why can’t that be a thing…

Anway! This article is going to give you some insight into this mono fruit island madness so that you can decide whether this is a trip you want to take.

Imagine yourself on an island and all you have available to eat are mangoes.

Nothing more, nothing less. Is this a holiday that appeals to you? Or maybe you have heard that extended time on this island is going to help you along your healing journey… the rumours are you might even lose some weight… 

Of course, when you are faced with no other options and stuck on mango island, you would find the whole thing relatively easy. I imagine. 

In reality we live in a world where we are spoiled for choice and due to our addictions and social ‘norms’, it makes things a little trickier. 

However, due to lack of said magical island, people are recreating the experience of eating only one fruit for extended periods of time.

It just happens to be taking place in the real world*

*If there is a magical fruit island in the real world, please do let me know so I can go get stranded there. 

What Fruits Give You

Fruits are filled with water and there is nothing better for proper hydration than eating your water. In fact, you are hydrating yourself at a cellular level, which is essential to healing if that is the path you are on. 

mono fruit island
Mono Mealin’ Mangoes

The digestion time of fruits is FAST and this takes some of the burden off of the body. When it is not holed up digesting complex combinations of foods, it can better exert its energy elsewhere.

Eating exclusively one fruit, makes digestion even more efficient.

One type of food only, takes one type of chemical reaction from the body to break it down. This means you are less likely to experience indigestion, gas and bloating due to poorly combined foods. 

You can and NEED to eat larger volumes of fruit to meet your caloric needs. This is one of my favourite things about fruit island life (in part because I have a history of restrictive eating and excessive fasting).

I found so much freedom in eating anytime my body or mind asked for food. I would simply have another mango, or four… and this was no problem. There was no guilt associated with overeating and every bite felt nourishing. 

Can I Live on This Island Forever? 

I know many raw vegans who would answer yes to this question and for a while I would have been on team – eat only fruit forever. 

I don’t have the answer for everyone and can only talk from my own experience and as always, I recommend trying things for yourself and listening to your own body. 

HOWEVER, from where I am at now

I do not believe that living the fruit island life exclusively, to be the healthiest in the long term. 

From MY experience, over time, I started to feel severely depleted and malnourished.

Keep in mind that I pushed on for a couple of years (on and off), believing it would be a heal all if I just kept going, ignoring my body’s cues for something different, something more. 

I believe I need some of the minerals that you can only get from greens.

I believe I need some more healthy fats.

Maybe I am wrong. Perhaps I was just ‘detoxing’ as many raw foodists will claim, but my intuition told me I was doing more harm than healing. 

high carb vegan diet
Eat Your Greens and Some Healthy Fats

I think in the long term, a balanced diet of fruits, greens and vegetables is necessary. 

Perhaps a body that is clean and free from toxic burden, could better utilise enough from fruits alone to thrive. However, for the majority of us, we all have some level of degeneration in the body and we need to help it along by fuelling it with a variety of whole food products. 

An important factor to keep in mind, is that when you extend your time on fruit island, you will put your body into a state of detoxification. This can be a miraculous thing, as you can heal many things that the allopathic medicinal system may have told you are irreversible.

However, detoxing the body can be rough and I highly recommend doing it with guidance. It is simultaneously so simple, yet also a fine art and you CAN get it horribly wrong.

I am no health wizard, I am simply a guinea pig in my own little lab of healing.

This is my experience when eating ONLY mono fruits for extended periods of time. I could be wrong, but I feel obliged to share authentically. Please, with kindness, take it or leave it.

What I DO recommend however, is shorter periods on mono fruit islands. 

Days, weeks, even a month. I think this is an amazing gift to give your body. 

It allows you to really give your digestive system a break and get in tune with your being.

Weight loss is definitely inevitable and overall you will feel lighter and brighter.

Find Your Balance

When you look to nature, you can see that all animals eat simply and are nourished and satisfied. When you eat mono fruit meals for long enough, meals that are comprised of complicated combinations of foods will lose some of their appeal to you. 

I want to make it clear that I DO recommend taking a trip to a mono fruit island of choice from time to time. In fact, I think these periods are essential for optimal health. 

I just also think that it is necessary to balance these trips by eating an abundance of greens and vegetables in the off season. 

General Rule of Thumb

I want to ask you a question, one I ask myself often;

Do you live to eat, or do you eat to live?

There is no harm in enjoying our food and indulging from time to time. Special occasions, Friday nights… pizza for breakfast simply because you feel like it. Do it!

I love me some indulgent eating, but I try to always come back to using food as fuel.

This isn’t as easy as I would like it to be due to food addictions and how it is the social ‘norm’ to eat excessively. 

To eat to feel pleasure. 

To eat when we are bored. 

I have felt the judgment from others (and myself!), that comes from trying to eat exclusively in a way that is for nourishment. Countless times I have gotten comments like; 

‘You only live once’ (debatable 😂)

There is a side of me that wants to have my cake and eat it too, but what I have to keep in mind is that I am on a healing journey and everything I eat will either give me energy or deplete me.

In saying that, I am a foodie. I like to share connection over food and I necessarily want that to go away, but I try to live by the 80/20 rule. 

I try to make roughly 80% of my food choices around eating for nourishment. 20% of the time I give myself the freedom to play, explore and indulge.

This balances me mentally and I know I will always come back to eating simple meals like water rich fruits. They are full of hydration and the sugars I need for energy. These simple meals, simply, make me feel good.

mono fruit island

Food and fruit specifically, is fuel. 

Mono Diet

At this point you are getting pretty convinced to give a mono diet a red hot go, I am sure. Or perhaps it is just seeming like another form of restrictive dieting?

Eating only one type of fruit. Well, I can’t deny it is restrictive in regards to the fact that you are restricting ALL other types of foods (you got me there).

HOWEVER, in terms of volume, the sky really is the limit. 

So right now, I am really talking to those who come from a background of restricting their calories in order to maintain a certain weight.

As far as dieting is concerned, mono fruit meals are easier to maintain, because when you are hungry, you eat. When you have cravings, you eat.

You are able to fill the body, whilst still being able to lose weight and toxicity, which fruits encourage out of the system.

Although fruits are relatively low in calories, what they are filled with is; polyphenols, antioxidants, flavonoids, phytonutrients and that essential hydration that we need to alkalize the body!

Why Mono Diet vs Other Diets

Are you still not convinced? Are you still considering other dietary methods? 

Before you jump into any other type of restrictive, calorie counting diet, let us discuss even further.

Restrictive diets only ever tax the mind and often lead to a relentless cycle of restricting and bingeing. Eating an exclusively fruit diet means you can eat whenever the hell you want.

I don’t know of any other diet that allows for this kind of freedom while simultaneously pulling the same kind of results. 

The Cost of Under Eating 

When people get the idea to jump into a diet, usually one of the goals is weight loss. One method which can seem appealing and offers up a quick fix, as I have eluded to, is the calorie restriction game.

I see why it’s appealing and I have played this shit game too many times myself. I’ll admit that it is a simple fix and it is effective, but only in the short term (and comes with a risks a plenty). 

As humans we just love a quick fix, but we have to think about the long term!

Calorie restriction and putting the body into starvation mode, when done for too long, it is only going to wreak havoc on the body and the mind. 

For one, it can unbalance your hormones. Specifically your sex hormones. This is going to influence your libido and if you are female, you are running the risk of having your periods become irregular or absent entirely. Once your hormones are depleted it is an upward battle trying to get them back in balance. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that although calorie restriction can see weight loss in the beginning, over time, the body goes into stress mode. Stress mode results in the body releasing excess cortisol and this can cause weight gain, weight loss resistance and unhealthy belly fat.

You are at risk of so many serious consequences when it comes to excessively restricting your food intake.

Your hormones are so important to the overall regulation of the body. I wish I had known this when I was being blindly driven by an egoic need to be slimmer. So consider yourself warned. 

Another part of us that suffers big time when we withhold calories, is the mind. Restriction is a slippery slope into eating disorder town, because when you deny yourself you inevitably end up bingeing once the restriction comes off.

This can see you yo-yo dieting, with periods of under eating followed up by eating unhealthy foods and often an excessive amount.

When you tell the mind and the ego, it cannot, it will do everything so that it CAN. It becomes obsessive and food becomes a stressful situation. One of the undeniable and amazing things about eating mono fruit meals is that you CAN get healthy weight loss results, while eating an abundance of fruits.

The mind loves when you give it what it wants and with fruit there is no associated guilt about it being ‘unhealthy’ or ‘too much’. 

What Are Mono Meals – How to Get it Right

So, just in case it isn’t clear yet, a mono meal is a meal that consists of one type of food. This doesn’t necessarily have to be fruit. 

Technically you can mono meal anything and it will still benefit the body to give it only one type of food to digest. 

Ah the simplicity. 

If you are leaning towards doing a mono fruit island, the rules are very simple.

All you have to do is pick one fruit that you really love and that your body is compatible with. Make sure you can always get fresh, ripe produce and organic if possible.

Next, you are to eat as much as you need to stay satisfied and satiated. 

When I was eating mono mango meals for a month, I was averaging about 4 per meal and 3 meals a day, but listen to YOUR body and fuel it as you see fit. Just be sure to eat enough!!

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How to Increase Good Bacteria in the Gut Naturally 🐛

The body can give you many signs that your gut bacteria is outta whack. This could be due to many reasons, one being an imbalance in your gut flora. Fortunately, this is something you can remedy yourself at home and this article is going to instruct you on how to increase the good bacteria the gut naturally!

You will likely be suffering with some discomfort in the digestive tract and could be experiencing bloating, gas, and constipation.

How to Increase Good Bacteria in the Gut Naturally bloating
Bloated or Early Signs of Pregnancy?

When it comes to healing the gut, Western medicine does not often have the answers. So any kind of natural home remedy I can dive into, I am usually game. Especially when it is so cheap it is basically for free! 

In this article I want to show you how you can increase the good bacteria in your gut naturally, in a recipe style article.

We are going to get into making some water kefir, which is simple to do once you have got the hang of it.

A Little Back Story

I have been struggling with poor gut health for awhile now and I have tried a lot of things. 

This is actually a HUGE understatement.

The new experiment I am running in my little lab of healing, is an attempt to increase the good bacteria in my digestive tract.

My hope is that this will allow for better digestion and utilisation of the goodness in my food and help with bloating and slow digestion. 

I am doing this by drinking water kefir every day. I usually have some warm lemon water or herbal tea first thing and then I get into the kefir. I will have at least two big cups in the morning, sometimes more if I am feeling it later on.

How to Increase Good Bacteria in the Gut Naturally bloating herbal tea
Herbal Teas, Warm Lemon Water and Kefir

Once you start making it, you’ll have excess pretty quick so you don’t have to hold back. 

The kefir grains actually feed on sugar during the fermentation process and as a result they grow and repopulate. This means that you are going to have an excessive amount of grains at one point and there are a couple of options in regards to what you can do with them.

You can have multiple batches fermenting

You can give some to friends

You can actually eat them (they are full of the good bacteria we are wanting to get into the gut)

Or you can add them to some sugar water and put them in the fridge. This essentially puts them to ‘sleep’ / slows the fermentation process down and you can store them like this for up to three weeks. Then you’ll have to feed them again. 

You could also dehydrate them and then store them if you want to take a longer break from making kefir. 

What you will need: 

Activated kefir grains – 2 – 4tbs 

Glass jar 

Mesh strainer – not mental as the kefir is said to leach from the metal 

Towel – something that will allow the kefir to breathe OR you can secure with a lid, but if you do use a lid ensure that you release the gas by unscrewing the lid from time to time.

Elastic band to secure the towel 

1 Litre of water 

¼ C Sugar – I am using panela, but you could go for coconut or brown sugar (something more natural than white sugar)

the Gut Naturally bloating ingredients

Step 1 

Dissolve your ¼ C of sugar in 1 litre of filtered water. You can dissolve it in some hot water and then add enough room temperature water to make up the litre.

Step 2

Once the water has cooled down to room temperature, add your kefir grains. 

Step 3

Cover the top of the jar with a towel and secure with an elastic band or hair tie. 

Step 4

Leave in a cool spot to ferment for 24 hours. You can go longer – up to 48 hours. I find 36hrs to be my sweet spot in regards to taste. 

Step 5 

Pour the kefir over a mesh strainer to catch the grains, and store in jars in the fridge.

Step 6

Repeat this whole process. You do not need to rinse your kefir grains.  

If you want to get fancy with it, you can use flavoured water, juice or coconut water. You can also add some fruit pieces like lemon or ginger for a nice touch. 

In Summary

That’s it! 

Water kefir is one of the easiest fermented products you can make. 

You can also have a go at making coconut milk kefir, or milk kefir if you are not following a vegan diet. 

If establishing healthy gut flora is your goal, I also recommend eating fermented foods like; sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented carrots and pickles. I am just getting into the world of fermentation so I will keep you posted with how it all pans out.

So far I have also made my own sauerkraut and that is a very simple process also.

All of these foods and beverages are going to add beneficial probiotic strains to your terrain. This will help the good guys to do their job and ease your digestive discomfort. Well that’s my hope anyway! 

I am currently drinking at least half of a litre of kefir a day and I’ll see how that goes, reduce / add more as needed and report back soon!

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The Importance of Gut Health🤰Healing Tips!

The importance of gut health is not to be underestimated. When there is upset in the belly, sadly balancing it is no easy feat. Figuring out the digestive system is like trying to figure out a puzzle with only half of the pieces.

How many times I have wished I could just see what was going on in there.

Despite how tricksy it is, its vitality in regards to our overall wellbeing, I am certain of.

When we suffer in the belly, we ultimately suffer in the mind as they are in direct communication. Often the state of the gut will be a direct reflection of what is going on in the mind and vice-versa.

Notice how when you’re stressed your stomach can become upset or go towards the other extreme where the digestive system goes into lock down. Then if you have a tendency toward constipation, how often that goes hand in hand with irritability, fatigue and brain fog.

When your gut health is compromised, you enter into a vicious circle of stress and then suffering. Suffering and then stress.

Maybe this is something you experience every now and then. Or perhaps you’re one of the unlucky ones who has been given the BS label that is IBS… you are not alone.

My IBS Battle

I truly know the lows of poor gut health my friend. I know the relentless ego stories and the desperate search for answers.

I know how it feels to look in the mirror and see nothing but a bloated belly. 

I know the battle between wanting to be able to eat but but not wanting to be bloated and in pain. Wanting to be intimate with your partner but not feel self conscious about your body.

So you don’t eat, but then a restriction mindset kicks in and you can’t wait for them to leave so you can eat EVERYTHING and then you die… just me 😅?

This is no joke though. My IBS transformed into an eating disorder as I restricted food to be symptom free, but then ended up bingeing and bulimic.

Balancing the belly is and has been my prime objective for a few years now.

Not being able to find healing causes all kinds of anxiety and hopelessness and sadly answers are hard to find.

It is also hard for people to relate to you when you look relatively healthy, so often you are left feeling like you are alone in this. 

You are not.

The Whys and The Hows

The gut can be out of balance due to so many factors: 


Bacteria imbalance

Birth control


Mucus obstruction

Clogged lymphatic system


And there are many labels that the allopathic doctor may stick to you, including:



Ulcerative Colitis 



Leaky Gut Syndrome 


Crohn’s Disease



Although allopathic medicine separates and distinguishes between these labels, they essentially are all different points along the same continuum. For example, often someone’s IBS will develop into Crohn’s over time. 

Not only is the gut our second brain, but it is the birthplace of all dis-ease.

What might present as a little constipation or bloating now can be a red flag indicating something much more serious and therefore needs to be taken seriously. 

I’m not talking about a little food baby bloating or being a little backed up because you ate your weight in cheese filled jalapenos. I am talking about chronic, persistent digestive discomfort.

If dietary change does not resolve your issues, then my advice is to dig deeper. 

More Than Just a Gut Feeling

The state of our gut affects not only our bowel movements, but our mind, energy levels and our ability to absorb nutrition.

Sometimes we can invest so much energy into eating the healthiest produce, but if the body is unable to digest and utilise that which we feed it, we can very quickly become malnourished. 

Often when the gut is impaired, it can be the healthiest foods such as fruits and vegetables that can be the biggest triggers of our symptoms.

The intestinal walls might become irritated and inflamed by fibre and if there is any kind of bacterial overgrowth, carbohydrates become a big problem. 

So what do you eat, when you can’t eat anything??

Gut Supporting Foods

Had I written this article six months ago, I would have preached a high fruit and raw foods diet.

I was stuck in a mindset that fruits and fasting would heal my GI tract and I really did give it a red got go (three years of red hot go-ing).

Although I still believe these foods to be the healthiest on the planet (and our species specific diet), if the gut is compromised, they might not be the answer.

So, while I was pushing the high fruit diet, my bloating was still being triggered big time. I was told by so many in the detox realms that it was just a period of adjustment and it would resolve itself. I truly believed that fruit and raw food would balance my gut micro-biome over time.

Sadly, they did not.

However, I stubbornly kept on eating these foods, believing healing would come if I persisted, yet all I did was irritate my gut further. 

I am not saying that a raw food, fruit diet can’t heal many things. Even certain types of gut issues seem to resolve for some people. What I must stress though, is the importance of listening to YOUR body and responding to its cues.

If something doesn’t work and your symptoms are still raging or worsening after several months… maybe it’s time to adjust.  

So finding your own personal triggers and eliminating those is going to be your best bet. You can trial elimination diets such as the Low Fodmap Diet and cut out all irritating foods. You’ll then reintroduce certain food groups to see which work for you and which don’t. This is what makes it tricky, because not everyone reacts to the same thing. It is a personal process of trial and error and it can take time. 

Stress and the Gut

When you don’t know what you can eat or what you CAN eat is severely limited, eating quickly becomes a stressful situation.

Imagine that, something you have to do multiple times a day, to survive, that is a source of enjoyment for 99% of the planet, causes you anxiety.   

What makes it even worse, is that the more you stress, the worse your symptoms get. So you try your best to not stress. You do your yoga and you do your meditation. You tell yourself that all you can do is accept what is, and this works at times. You DO feel a little better… but the gut knows.

The gut-brain connection (also known as the gut-brain axis) is no joke, and it knows even when your stress is running at a subconscious level. 

You really have to invest time practicing mindfulness in order to navigate what comes up and I know this is easier said than done. Meditation and listening to spiritual teachings have taken me from gut health related obsession/depression to a much more peaceful place. I highly recommend that you invest time in meditation and use yoga and breath work to help encourage movement inside of the digestive tract. 

These types of daily practices have been my biggest support in my journey. They have not solved the problem but they have allowed me to come out of mental suffering. I know when you are looking for solutions, being told to ‘just accept what is’ – it’s a bullshit comment. Let’s be honest.

However, when stress only makes it worse you have to find a way to let it go. 

If this is something you find impossibly hard, please reach out to me. I would love to connect and share with you meditation and yoga wisdom to help ease your mind. Although I cannot offer you a quick fix pill, I can support your emotional suffering with one-on-one support. 

Take Home Message

Poor gut health has a ripple effect across so many levels of the being. There will be no balancing of the belly, without there being a balancing of the mind and vice versa.

Practice mindfulness and comprehend that you are not your gut issues.

They do not define you and you will heal. Of course you will heal. Everything in this existence is as fleeting as it is impermanent and your situation at hand will change.

Diet obviously plays a huge part in healing the gut, but keep in mind we all have many layers of conditioning and addictions that make it hard to always make the right choices.

When we do end up indulging know that your suffering too shall pass and that any self inflicted guilt or stress will only fuel the fire. Simply rest and move on. Make a better choice tomorrow.

Sending all of the love and healing to you my friend.