Papaya Smoothie for Weight Loss

I am always wondering if there is a catch with fruit…

The promise of their healing properties… the fact that you can also eat truck loads and lose weight effortlessly. Is this all trick, or can life actually be this sweet? 

I think it can be.

In this article am going to share with you a simple papaya smoothie. 

I am a raging fan of the simple smoothie. I like life to be easy, uncomplicated and I don’t have time for complicated combinations and recipes in the kitchen. 

So this smoothie ticks off the boxes in my book. It is sweet. It is simple and it has only three ingredients. 

papaya smoothie for weight loss
Everything Tastes Better in a Jar

I had never had a truly RIPE pineapple, until I went to Mexico.

In fact I assumed they were only that yellow in cartoons. I was so familiar with the green not-even-close-to-ripe produce I had seen back in Australia. I really had no idea… that I had NO idea. 

papaya smoothie for weight loss
Seas of Piña in Oaxaca, Mexico

With that said, due to having no idea, I still dug the pineapple. However, now, I am borderline obsessed. 

As for papaya.

Well, back in Australia, it was never on the grocery list. It really wasn’t a part of my reality. I did find half of an organic once. For $8. Outrageous. 

Fast forward to my reality in Mexico… it was less than a dollar for a kilos worth. Also, outrageous. 

AND, while we are playing this game! 

papaya smoothie for weight loss

Coconuts! Fresh cocos.

Not a thing back home. Yeah, you can get the boxed stuff. Sometimes even without any added nasties…. But you are still deprived of eating the meat covered in chilli and lime afterwards AND making your own shredded coconut flakes. 

I am now officially very anxious to get back to the land where fruit dreams are made. 


Water from one coconut  / 1 cup of the boxed stuff

1 cup papaya 

1 cup pineapple 

Step 1 


That’s a Wrap

Seriously. That is it. 

Can I get away with posting these recipes? 

Well here you are, and here I am.

More amazing than my simple recipe is the papaya itself.

It is a very soothing fruit and is easy on the digestion. If you have gut issues and fruit is a trigger, you might be ok with papaya. It gets a green light from the Low Fodmap Diet, which means it is more tolerable for those suffering with IBS.

Also, don’t be so quick to throw your papaya seeds out. Although they have a distinct spicy flavour that you might not love, they are said to be good for fighting parasites and intestinal bugs.

If you don’t want to ruin your smoothie with them, you can always man up and just eat them by the spoon OR dry them out, grind them up and use them as pepper! 


Spiral Noodle Salad 🌿 Raw Zucchini Pasta Recipe

When I was determined to eat a raw vegan diet, zoodles became my lifeline. They gave me a satiating meal when savoury cravings hit. I learned pretty quick how to make a bomb sauce, because let me tell you – raw vegan or not,

it is ALL about the sauce in your savoury meals. 

spiral noodle salad eating
Portion Control is Not a Thing I Understand

In this article I am going to share with you a spiral noodle salad recipe using the humble zucchini. This dish makes multiple appearances throughout my week. I love that I can turn my salads into fake pasta with my spiralizer, which you will need to invest in immediately if you want your healthy eating game to level up. It is without a doubt, one of the biggest game changers in my kitchen wizardry. 

Before You Say Anything

I hear you already. I know, zoodles are not the same as pasta OR noodles… BUT when you are working towards healing or even just healthier living you want to be able to have these lighter alternatives.

With a little experimentation in the dressing department, I swear you can get pretty close to a really fresh spaghetti marinara, or a pesto pasta!

One trick I have learnt throughout my zoodle kitchen sorcery is to save the cores from the spiralized zucchinis!

You can chuck these into the blender when you are making your sauce as it helps give a more creamy consistency but without detracting from the flavour you’ve got going on! 

Another thing I love about zucchini is that it is actually a fruit! So it makes it perfectly acceptable if you are following a fruit based diet (love me a food loophole).

The spiral noodle salad we are about to dive into is something I am eating most days. Bonus – it’s low fat whilst still being super satiating.

Also, there is no need for any added salt as the celery has that covered. 

spiral noodle salad


For one BIG meal, or two reasonable meals

1 Large zucchini

1 Cucumber

2 Celery stalks

2 Tomatoes

Handful of sprouts – I am using sprouted lentils

Epazote to garnish – or any fresh green herb of choice (parsley or coriander work well)

For the Dressing

2 Tbs sesame seeds

Tsp ginger

Zucchini core

Celery (to add a saltiness, to taste)

2 Garlic cloves

Chilli to taste

Water to reach desired consistency

Step 1

spiral noodle salad zoodles

Spiralise your zucchini – save the core!

Step 2

spiral noodle salad bowl

Chop your cucumber, celery, tomato and epazote and chuck into a BIG bowl with your sprouts.

Step 3

Blend up all of the dressing ingredients.

Add water for ease of blending and until desired sauce consistency is reached. 

Step 4

Pour dressing over your salad and mix well. 

spiral noodle salad plate

I’ll admit it

I am a little zoodle obsessed. I am no longer eating an exclusively raw diet, but when I was, these humble little veggie ribbons are what kept me on the wagon. 

It is not just zucchini that I am spiralising up by the way. Another one I get down on often, is coodles – cucumber noodles! They are even lighter on the body and have a softer more noodle like texture in my opinion.

Zoodles are firmer and more like pasta. 

Both are amazing alternatives, especially when you are nailing that sauce or dressing. 

I’ll say it again, it’s really ALL about the sauce and most of the time I am just throwing a random concoction of things together (usually always with chilli and lime) and it seems to work out.  

It is good to have some solid base sauces though and I have three that I am pretty chuffed with; 




I rotate these regularly and have been for a couple of years and I’m yet to get sick of them. I think that says it all.   


Vegan Pesto 🍝 NO Oil, Healthy, Easy Recipe

You want to get into that pesto goodness… but there’s a catch.

You want it vegan. Most recipes call for some kind of cheese, but it’s alright, I got you.

Oh but wait… you have more demands! Oil free as well you say?

How often I am to be that guy, the one to make all the demands; vegan please, hold the oil… and the salt… I don’t mean to be fussy, but can it be done raw…?

Who wants to be that guy. 

I really do.

However, instead of trying to find foods that suit me, it’s been much easier to just invent a lot of them myself. 

Or call on my kitchen wizard friend to help me (you know who you are).

Cue my vegan pesto.

Where I have substituted the dairy and oil for extra deliciousness.

You are welcome. 

vegan pesto no oil

Pesto is one of my all time favourite sauces, but sadly many recipes are heavy on the parmesan. Or oil. Or both. 

When you want to be healthy AND eat your weight in delicious food, it really does pay to come up with your own recipes. After some trial and error I have been able to recreate a pesto that requires none of the ‘bad bits’, but packs all of the flavour explosion punch you are after. 

You can have this sauce over zoodles, as a dip, or a sandwich spread… you can also eat it straight off the spoon (highly recommended). 

I am a pasta fanatic from way back. However, since trading in the shitty (delicious and comforting) processed pasta, I have had to really start nailing the sauces to make my zoodles dishes cut it. 

Which I have successfully done with this recipe. 

It’s all about the sauce – I think I need this printed on a t shirt. 


1 C fresh basil

¼ C sunflower seeds

2 tbs nutritional yeast

2 limes

3 cloves garlic

1 tsp seaweed*

Chili to taste

Water to reach desired consistency

*For the seaweed you can use dulse, nori, wakame – anything like that. It will add a salty flavour BUT it will also (surprisingly) add a hint of seaweed. If you are not into this, the nutritional yeast will provide enough of a salt flavour and you can leave out. 


Step 1 

Blend all of the ingredients, adding water to reach desired consistency 

Step 2

Pour over zoodles and mix well, or eat as you see fit 😉 

To Conclude

Alright, you don’t have to have it over zoodles, but you really should try that. It is amazing and for a fake pasta…. It really hits the spot.

Feel free to heat in a pan for a couple of minutes if you want a more comforting vs refreshing meal. You could also have it over a salad, or as a dip. Use your preferred food vehicle to get it into your mouth.

Making our most comforting meals vegan AND healthy is becoming too easy. The are so many options and ingredients to sub in.

No oil, dairy free… ain’t never looked so good.

Move over parmesan, did you not hear… Nutritional yeast is where it’s at.

Oil also just not required! Not when the seeds themselves release their own oily goodness when blended up. 

This pesto is heavily rotated through my weekly meals. I find I need about three core sauces to play and rotate and this way I don’t get tired of any of them.

Check them all out so you can see how simple and easy it is to eat meals that are hearty but keep you light and energised. 


Fat Free Lunch – Simple Zoodle Recipe

This fat free lunch recipe is a good introduction to my love affair with the humble spiralised zucchini noodle. AKA the zoodle.

fat free lunch

Just because I have digestive woes a plenty… I’ll be damned if I can’t have all the foods that I love. It it my greatest joy to find ways to recreate the foods that I crave, but into the healthiest versions of them. 

People will argue that zoodles will never be pasta and they’re right.

There certainly isn’t that heaviness that comes from eating enough pasta for ten men when you eat zoodles for twenty men. 

It’s true though, sometimes when you crave pasta or noodles, all that will suffice is pasta and noodles. When you DO want that lighter alternative however, this fat free lunch recipe is perfect.

It is very light on the body, but still extremely satiating and filling. 

You will need a spiralizer for this recipe (I can’t imagine my life without), BUT if you don’t you can peel the zucchini into ribbons (like a chump). This takes a little more time and it is not so pretty… but it will suffice!  

fat free lunch
Invest in a Spiraliser STAT

It’s all About the Sauce

When it comes to making a meal satiating without fat, you have to get creative with your herbs and spices. For me, most recipes are all about the sauce and this is where this meal shines. 

This fat free lunch is even a little tricksy as the majority of the ingredients are actually your savoury fruits.

Zucchini is in fact a fruit!

This means you get all the lightness of a fruit meal, but the deep satisfaction of something much heartier.  

I am a big portion kinda gal, so what else I like about this recipe is that I can eat more than my fair share with zero guilt and zero chance of a food coma.

It is also one of those minimum effort, maximum reward kinda meals and they are the kinda deals I like settling for. 


fat free lunch

1 zucchini

4 tomatoes

4 dates soaking in hot water 

1-2 limes 

Tsp oregano

½ cup basil 

Chilli flakes to taste

Optional – Nutritional yeast

Step 1

Spiralise your zucchini and save the inner core!

Step 2

Chop tomatoes and add to blender.

Step 3

Once the dates are softened, remove the seeds and add to blender

Step 4

Add the lime juice, basil, oregano and chilli flakes

Step 5

Blend till smooth, pour over zoodles and mix well

Step 6

Option to heat till warm in a pan or keep raw for a more refreshing meal. Garnish with fresh basil and add nutritional yeast to taste (for a parmesan effect).

To Conclude

So simple, as ALL of my recipes are!

I find simplicity keeps me more consistent. I highly recommend you invest in a spiraliser and not go the old peeler route unless you must.

It really will level up your kitchen wizardry as it did mine. 

What I love about this recipe is that it can absolutely be a part of a healing protocol as all of the ingredients (besides the herbs and spices), are fruit! This makes it light and easy on digestion. 

If you wanted to make it even lighter you could spiralise a cucumber (ye old coodles) instead.

In my opinion coodles have a softer more pasta texture and zucchini reminds me more of a noodle, but It will be an each to their own kinda thing. Both are amazing options.