Smoothie With Ginger and Spinach 🌱 Easy, Healthy, Dairy Free

In this article I am going to share with you a super simple green smoothie recipe with ginger and spinach.

It only needs four ingredients, two of which are vital in getting iron levels up and keeping them maintained. It is the perfect smoothie when you are feeling as though the body is in need of nourishment and to build. 

Whether you are on a healing journey or just wanting a delicious injection of minerals, this smoothie is for you. 

Smoothie With Ginger and Spinach
Topped With Chia & Flax

It took me an awkward amount of time to realise the importance of greens in the diet. For so long I was pushing the fruits, a little dogmatically determined that they were all I needed to thrive.

After some time… I stopped thriving. 

I know, I was a little crazed and maybe it was my malnourished brain that confused me, BUT I started adding in the green smoothies and I felt as though I came back to life a little. 

This is the recipe I am using to help replenish my body and it is EASY. I tend to only be consistent with recipes if they are simple. There is the freedom to pimp this up with any superfood green powders you are using or simply add more greens. 

250 grams of spinach gets you about a third of the way to reaching your required daily intake of iron (approx 18mg if you are an adult female).

Have this smoothie x 2 AND some more iron rich foods in your dinner meal and you’re doing well. 


Smoothie With Ginger and Spinach

½ a pineapple

Juice of 3 oranges 

250 g spinach

Inch ginger

Optional – Frozen mango or banana for more creaminess (do it!)

Step 1

Cut Pineapple and chuck in blender

Step 2

Juice three oranges and add to blender

Step 3

Add ginger and washed spinach 

Step 4

Blend and pour

That’s all Folks!

I love sneaking greens into everything and anything. The best thing is that they provide SO much but they don’t detract from the fruit flavours at all. I love that. Just do your job

quietly thanks. 

It is true that we do have to eat a decent volume of spinach to meet our required needs, but this is just another reason why I love the humble green smoothie. You can really pack them in. More is more.  

The trick is to pair your iron rich foods with vitamin C (oranges, limes), as this helps the body to more efficiently absorb it.


Mango Smoothie 🐮 Dairy Free but Flavour FULL!

Alright. I will divulge.

I will share with you my mango smoothie.

mango smoothie dairy free

I actually dream about this guy and the beauty of it, is in its simplicity.

You don’t need multiple fruits when you are dealing with mangoes, as why would you ever dare to detract from their own flavour explosion, flavour. 

I know I am more fruit obsessed than your average gal, but I know you will be overly enthusiastic also once you have experienced this smoothie in all its glory. 

One of the best things about this liquid gold in a jar, is that it is dairy free! When you can have you meal without a side of scary dairy and not miss a thing, why would you not!

mango smoothie dairy free

Also. Is it excessive to eat 12 kilos of mangoes a week?

Rhetorical question, of course it’s not.

Especially when you live in a country where they are in season around nine months of the year and cost one Australian dollar for the kg.

I have been going to town on mangoes and I mix it up every time; eat them whole, as nicecream, with chili in top…

but this smoothie recipe is still my numero uno. 

I had to weigh up whether its was REALLY even worthy of its own blog piece, because of its simplicity… BUT it’s deliciousness won that battle. 

So here we are. 


mango smoothie dairy free

3 mangoes

Inch of ginger

2 limes 

Tsp cinnamon 

Step 1 

Chuck all ingredients in blender and BAM – done

Add water to thin OR leave thick and creamy (as is my preference!)

Step 2

Eat the whole thing to yourself. 

Use a spoon to slow you down. 

So simple and consistently rocking my world every morning for months now.

It’s really amazing when you get a taste for simplicity and you no longer need all the nut butters and cacao powders to enjoy your meal – not that those things don’t have their place… just not in today. 

Even without the dairy, this smoothie is lacking nada in creamy consistency.

I always prefer my smoothies in a bowl, so I can just sit and eat them with a spoon and take my time.

Also because, it easy to forget that these smoothies of such excellent proportions, it is still a meal in terms of volume!


Homemade Tahini Recipe 🍯 So simple, yet SO Creamy

Nut butters are really something special, aren’t they? A homemade tahini recipe really is something every kitchen wizard needs in their back pocket.

I remember an ex of mine once told me I couldn’t just eat peanut butter with every meal and call it satay sauce. 

This is why exes go in the bin. 

Over time, my peanut butter obsession transformed and tahini became the star of the show. In it would go to my salad dressings. Into my nicecream. On top of bananas or on top of spoons. No food vehicle necessary to get it in my mouth. 

homemade vegan tahini

It really can jazz up a banana or date snack and absolutely takes your smoothie from zero to hero.

They can also level up your savoury meals and any dressing or sauce you’ve got going on. 

I have had multiple love affairs. With all of them: the classics like peanut butter and almond. Sunflower seed butter is a personal favourite and captivated my attention for a time… but nothing stole my heart quite like tahini.

That humble little sesame seed, it got me good.

You CAN buy it in stores. You can, you can… BUT, it is so simple to make it from scratch. All it requires are the seeds and a little bit of patience.

The bonus being that you get to lick the blender clean at the end.

I am about to give you the most simple recipe. So simple I could have explained it six paragraphs ago in a couple of words…

but then you wouldn’t have got to hear about my ex who lives in bin and keeps himself warm with his opinions. 

I kid, I kid…


Sesame seeds – 200g minimum


Pinch of salt

Tsp natural sugar (honey, panela)

Step 1

homemade vegan tahini

Toast your sesame seeds for 10-15 minutes, stirring constantly so they don’t burn. 

Step 2 

Blend and add the secret ingredient PATIENCE. 

Seriously, the longer you blend the more the magic starts to unfold inside of the blender. Just when you think you’ve been blending for long enough… do another five minutes and watch it turn into liquid gold creaminess. 

Optional Step 3

Add your pinch of salt/sugar and continue to blend. This step is definitely optional and the tahini is still bomb without. 

Sesame is a little power house of a seed!

For a little guy, there are some big benefits. They are packed full of calcium, copper and magnesium and are one of the more alkalizing seeds out there.

I literally would never not make them from scratch and deprive myself of the treat that is licking the blender clean. 

You want AT LEAST 200 grams worth of seeds to start with, in order to get a decent amount. Unfortunately a little does not go a long way, which is why I am not making it every week. 

Oh, but when I do…

It’s gone in two days. 

I regret nothing.