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How to Get Rid of Bloating什4 Home Remedies

How to get rid of bloating. This is a question I have I typed into Google and Youtube search engines countless times as a result of my own IBS struggles, so I KNOW you are looking for instant relief. 

Sadly there is no deflate button that I can point you towards, but I am going to share with you four strategies you can try right now.

They have provided me with relief in times of distress and each work in their own way. See which one helps you out and check out the video content for a breath work demo you can do anywhere at anytime!

how to get rid of bloating
Pregnant or Bloated?

When is comes to bloating, there really is no magic pill.

I know that is not what you want to hear, but take my word for it. I have spent years scouring the online realms for one. Even though there is no magic deflate button, there are some practices you can incorporate to help relieve your suffering and that work to prevent bloating in the long term.

The protocols that have helped me are; activated charcoal, yoga, breath work and fasting.

Lets break them down now. 

Activated Charcoal

You can take a couple of tablets or mix a teaspoon in some water and this is going to work to absorb any excess gas that has built up in the gut. Do this after youve had a meal that isnt sitting right.

It will help with feelings of being overly full and reduce any gas that is making you uncomfortable. 


how to get rid of bloating
Pavana Muktasana – The Wind Relieving Pose

This is actually my number one, my go, to when I am uncomfortably nine months pregnant bloated.

The idea is to move through postures that stretch, twist and compress the abdomen. The key is to move slowly. To move with your breath. This isnt something you can rush through and expect instant results.

Spend a minimum of five deep, conscious breaths in each pose. Feel the lungs and belly expand as you inhale, and notice how they fall back with each exhale. Move into postures that encourage any stagnant energies down and out of the body. I have video content with yoga flows that specifically work with bloating, so check those out!

Breath Work 

You can utilise the power of the breath while practicing yoga, or you can focus on just the breath with some Pranayama.

Specifically, Kapalabhati breathing is good technique to invite warmth into the body as it strengthens the abdominal muscles which can help with any bloating. 

Kapalabhati Instructions

Sit kneeling if possible with the arms straight, palms resting on the thighs. If you are unable to kneel, take any comfortable seat that allows you to keep the spine straight. 

Allow the belly to be soft and take a deep inhale into the nose and exhale all of your air out to prepare.

Inhale again and then forcefully and audibly exhale the air out of the nose. With each vigorous exhale, suck the stomach back towards the spine. The inhales will come automatically, so give all your attention to the exhales and the contraction of the stomach.

It might help to bring your hand to the belly for the first few breaths to feel it contracting back. 

Do this for as long as is comfortable and repeat three times. 

This can help to reduce minor bloating and get things moving. It has the added benefit of strengthening the abdominal muscles to help minimise bloating overall. Stronger muscles are going to help to keep the belly tight. 


When nothing is working, when you are uncomfortable beyond belief, my advice to you is to fast.

Even if it just for 24 hours.

Even if it is just an extended intermittent fast. Push out your breakfast until 12, 1, 2pm and allow the digestive system to settle. Allow any irritation or inflammation to calm down. When my bloating is really horrendous, taking a break from eating is really the only thing that works.

It is not going to heal the gut, but it will provide symptom reduction while you figure out your next move.

I am not recommending that you jump into any kind of extended fasting, unless you are well informed. My advice here is to fast just long enough to provide relief and let the worst of it pass.  

I have been in IBS struggle town for years. I know that desperation that bubbles up as you look to every corner of the online realms for something that will deflate your stomach immediately.

I wish I knew of a magic pill, but it just isnt out there. For me the most effective thing to do is to practice yoga, but remember that this isnt something to be rushed. Spend at least 20-30 minutes stretching and twisting the belly and sending each breath down into the problem area. 

I hope one of these provides some relief for you my friend and stay tuned as I get closer to cracking that heal all. It’s close. I feel it.

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