How to Make Vegan Tahini Sauce|Super Creamy

Two things that make my heart happy: 


Tahini with


how to make vegan tahini sauce YTN

It’s so simple, so unsuspecting and so genius. We are going to combine these two things to make a bomb vegan tahini sauce in this recipe. It is eat-straight-off the spoon good, so I recommend to double the ingredients so that when you can’t stop yourself from eating half of it straight out the blender…. You’ll still have some left. 

I don’t often make tahini because I will eat a jar in a matter of days.

I find that if I just have some toasted sesame seeds in the cupboard, I can still make pretty sensational dressings but I don’t eat the plain seeds by the spoonful. So they last me a little longer. 

Tahini though. It is in a league of its own. I eat it on dates, on bananas. It balances sweetness so well, but it also serves its purpose so in the savoury arena.

This dressing I have over zoodles for the most part, but you could have it with salad or as a dipping sauce. On potatoes is always a good time. 

It’s so good. I actually have food envy right now just writing about it and rewatching my recipe video. Damn that Charlie, with her hot little hands on that sauce.

She didn’t even know how good she had it. 

She did. 


¼ C Tahini

1-2 Tbs Mustard

1 Garlic clove

1 Date pitted and soaked to soft

1 Lime juiced



First and Final Step

Add everything to blender and add water slowly to reach desired consistency.

If you want to make tahini from scratch as I have done here, check out my recipe. Other wise invest in a jar of GOOD quality stuff!

That’s all Folks

Another example of kitchen black magic at its finest.

I love it when sorcery is so simple and yet still has the power to yield magical results. Not only does this sauce taste amazing, its relatively healthy if you’ve got yourself a decent mustard.

You really don’t need the oils and salts you see in other recipes to nail a sauce! 

Sesame seeds are also considered one of the more healthy seeds out there. They have an alkalising effect on the body and are a great source of copper, magnesium and calcium. For such tiny little guys, they pack quite a nutritional punch and are much lighter on the body than cashews which a lot of sauces rely on for creaminess. 

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