My Story

Once Upon a Time,

picking fruit 2
Forever Fruit Foraging

Six years ago to be specific. I was living a fairly unconscious life. That which is typical of any ‘normal’ 23 year old gal. I was living what was at that time, my best life. A little menace, making some questionable decisions, but with mostly the best intentions.

Then out of nowhere my health took a turn.

My digestive system was the first thing to become increasingly outta whack. Then over time my hormones followed. I lost my period about the same time I lost my libido. I was suddenly dealing with cystic acne and I was exhausted beyond belief. There was no big event to trigger this that I remember and I don’t think I’ll ever know what broke the camels back (I do have my suspicions).

Regardless of the whys, as a result I was pushed (kicking and screaming at times) towards a lifestyle that is more conducive to vibrancy and health. 

There are still times where I refuse to leave my own self pity party. I like to cry in to my gluten free, fun free, flavour free imaginary cake and run the mental story of ‘it’s not fair’.

I would even trade a first edition Harry Potter novel and all my best Pokemon cards to have my health restored… BUT I have to say, my suffering has also been biggest my blessing.

If it had not been forced upon me, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to REALLY wake up. However, I am here NOW and for this I am grateful.

Balance Thy Belly is going to be the foundation from which I turn my weakness into my strength.

Anyone who struggles with IBS knows how stressful eating can be and this is simply NOT compatible with my food enthusiasm. Some eat to live, and others live to eat and I am captain of the latter. This is why I am so passionate about finding foods that are healing yet at the same time, a flavour explosion in the mouth.

Zoodles Are My Daily Jam

My healing journey has humbled me big time in regards to how much I don’t know (I used to think I had ALL the answers ). At the same time it has taught me so much. Through my many self experiments and detox protocols I have learnt to listen to the subtle cues of my being. I have learnt that I am NOT my bloated belly and that my body is the real MVP for its resilience despite everything I have thrown at it.

The biggest lesson that I have learnt is one of balance. It has taken me long enough, but I finally comprehend how essential it is, especially for the MIND. When you desperately want to heal you can chase extremes and your mental game can pay the price. It is so important that we always check in with our being and come back in to alignment.

I am going use this platform to reach into all the corners of the healing realms to find what I am looking for and to share what I know.

Healing guidance, yoga flows, meditation practices and recipes a plenty – all coming your way. All the tips and tricks I have learnt to ease my woes I want to share with you, in order to ease yours.

Thank you for your presence.