Vegan Staples 🥑 Fridge & Pantry Tour | The Essentials!

I want to show you what would be considered the vegan staples of my household.

Now, I am fortunate that I live in a fully vegan house. This makes it very easy to forget that there are people still eating animal products. Especially when you look into our fridge and you see butter, mayonnaise, cheese… just the plant based versions of them! 

If you have read any of my others blogs pieces or watched my YouTube, you’ll know that I am on a healing journey. This means that my diet is more limited and ‘cleaner’ than most. I am going to show you the foods that I get down on daily but I know you also want to know about those more ‘typical’ vegan food staples.

vegan staples

Although they are not on my plate, they are very helpful when transitioning into vegan town. So yes, I will divulge.

So prepare yourself for a list of what I consider to be healthy staples and then some of the more delicious and indulgent ones.

Quick disclaimer (because I literally can’t help my health conscious self) – Vegan does not necessarily equal healthy and processed food is still processed food.

My Personal Shopping List Essentials



Frozen berries.

Hemp seeds





Additional Shopping List

Potatoes – purple sweet potato 


Nutritional yeast


Non dairy milk


Coconut aminos








On top of all this, we always have an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies on hand. It varies depending what is in season, but always oranges, melon, salad greens, cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini and capsicum

How to Utilise


Bananas are the oxygen of fruit. You just NEED them. They are so good in smoothies and are the creamy base of nicecream.

You can use them as a binder in baking if you are so inclined, as they work in the place of an egg. If a dessert recipe calls for sugar, you can use bananas instead for sweetness. They are also an effortless way of sneaking more calories in, just add a couple extra to your smoothie. 


Natures candy! Amazing blended up with nice cream. You can add them to your savoury sauces to balance with a little sweetness. They are no doubt the healthiest sugar replacement as they are a natural sugar and a whole food.

They are an awesome snack as they are portable and they calorie dense for their size. They are also said to be good for digestion. Their potassium and high natural sugar content makes them good for refuelling the brain if you are quite active. Dates are full of minerals that support the adrenal glands and that will help to remineralise your body.

They are full of amino acids and are good for the heart. I notice that they digest better when I eat them on their own as a mono meal/snack, but occasionally will cover in excessive amounts of nut butter for kicks. 

Frozen Berries

These we buy in bulk and have an abundance in the freezer at all times.

They are one of the better fruits for those with digestive issues due to their low glycemic index. So if you are following a Low Fodmap diet for IBS, berries are going to be your friend. Fresh berries are also not the cheapest in comparison to buying them in bulk. Having them frozen, they are ready and waiting and defrost quickly, so are ready to go on your pancakes with only a moments notice.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds have a mild, nutty flavour and are a good source of plant protein and fat. I don’t go crazy with the nuts and seeds as they are thought to be mucus forming, but hemp seeds only minimally so.

I have only recently brought them into my diet as I am attempting to increase my fat intake to see if it affects my hormones. I will report back when I know more, but 1-2 Tbs gives my smoothie an extra level of creaminess which I thoroughly enjoy. 


Or limes! Over salads, in dressings and sauces. They are a flavour enhancer. I try to have the juice of one lemon with a tbs of molasses in warm water every day. The vit C in the citrus helps the body to absorb the iron from the molasses.


Sesame seed butter! Typically used for middle eastern dishes like falafel but I think it can and should go in everything. I use it in a lot of sauces and dressings for salads and vegetables.

A tahini, lemon and garlic dressing can dramatically level up your salad game.

Tahini on oats is amazing if you are so inclined or on your fruit. I personally try to keep my fruits and fats away from each other BUT I will never deny that it is crazy good on a banana or date. 


Mustard is one of my personal favourite condiments both pre and post vegansim. I like the spicier varieties like Dijon and English but all have their place. Make sure to check the ingredients, sometimes there is a lot of unnecessary bullshit preservatives and additives, so opt for the more natural.

I have tried to recreate my own using mustard seeds, but am yet to nail a recipe. Mustard and tahini are also a surprisingly delectable duo, so I recommend getting onto that immediately.  


Avocado is life for both the vegan and non-vegan alike, so I don’t know how much I really need to say. They offer a level of creaminess to your sandwich so that butter is not missed. They are usually the star of any salad show. It is a great filler for vegan sushi. 


Hash browns, roast potatoes, baked potato, potato salad, curries, soups, chips, wedges, mashed potato. The options. If you are eating out and vegan options are sparse, there is usually chips on the menu.

One meal that is heavily rotated in my house for dinner is roasted purple sweet potato, salad and hummus. It sounds like a plain Jane meal, but it is super satisfying. 


Cashews are one of the best nuts to use as a base for sauce. They are fairly flavour neutral but deliver on the creamy factor. Think along the lines of an alfredo sauce, or mac and cheese. You can easily make a base sauce for a creamy pasta or a simple sour cream. For sweet dishes, like pancakes, you can do a cashew cream. 

Nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast is your parmesan. You can add it to your cashew cream sauces to give it more of a cheese flavour. It is great sprinkled on popcorn and offers a plant based source of B12. 


Quinoa is one of the better grains out there. It is more alkalising than most and less inflammatory. You can use it in your savoury dishes, such as roasted veggies, buddha bowls and in soups to thicken and to make more filling.

It offers a complete source of protein and can also be used in a homemade granola. I personally don’t eat too many grains like white rice and brown rice I find hard to digest, so quinoa has been an occasional sub in. It can also make salads more hearty!

Non dairy milk

In our house there will usually be some kind of nut milk on hand. Typically almond or oat milk. I don’t use them often, but if I do, it will likely be for a sauce. You use it just as you would regular milk, so in your smoothies, hot chocolate, coffee.

Always check the ingredients, because it is another product that often has a lot of unnecessary junk added. If you can, I recommend making your own. In Mexico I would buy fresh coconuts, drink the water and then blend up the pieces whole to make fresh milk. Almonds are even easier – soak over night, blend with water and strain. 


Tamari is basically a wheat free soy sauce. Look for low sodium to reduce salt intake if that is your jam. Any asian style dish will need this and it is good to sauté or marinade veggies in. I add it to my sauce and salad dressing creations also.

Coconut Aminos

If you are not up for being a kitchen wizard and making your own dressing, coconut aminos is your guy. It is the simplest way to pimp up your salad. 


I rarely cook with oil. Instead I will use broth to sauté / fry vegetables. You can buy the stock cubes, the liquid boxed stuff or you can make yourself. If I am cooking and come time to taste test and something is missing BUT I can’t figure out what… in goes some broth.

You can add it to soups, sauces and stews and often it takes your meal from bland to grand. 


Hummus. Oh my. Hummus was a life raft in a cheese-less sea when I first transitioned to veganism (there weren’t so many plant based cheese alternatives then). I know you can’t really compare them, but it really satisfies when there is a cheese platter and you can’t play… but then you realise there is hummus. Life is good again.

You can use it as a dip, spread or a dressing base. It is usually made with chickpeas but there are other recipes that are grain / legume free. Garlic, tahini, lemon juice are all going to help get the flavour nailed, and there is no need to add oil! 

Butter and Mayonnaise

These products I rarely use and would not if they weren’t sitting there staring at me. I wouldn’t even think to buy them, but they are a staple in our house and in many vegan house holds.

I think they are probably two of the easiest products to use to transition off of the animal products as they are literally the same. There are some brands out there that don’t quite cut it, but some are actually better then the OG and without the side of cruelty.


A good source of iron and fibre. Think of them as a meat replacement. So good for burritos or in a Mexican style chile dish. They can go into salad. You can make a black bean soup.

If you have trouble digesting beans, soak them over night or opt for the smaller one like mung and adzuki beans.


This is a great staple to have on hand as it is easy to whip up a pasta dish with whatever you have left in the fridge. I have also given you many ideas for cream based sauces with the cashews, tahini and nutritional yeast.

I don’t eat pasta often (I am a fake pasta, zoodle wizard though)… but when I do, it will be usually be in the form of vegan mac and cheese.

If you are not wanting a heavy pasta, I highly recommend jumping on the zoodle train. This is something I DO get down on, on a regular basis and it sits much better in my body.

Kitchen Equipment Essentials

If you are inspired by my list of staples and want to level up your kitchen game, you are going to need the following;

Blender. I use ours multiple times in a day – smoothies, nicecream, dressings and sauces.



Once you have transitioned your kitchen into a plant based haven, you will forget the animal products! There is no PERFECT vegan so be easy on yourself, make simple switches and watch your taste buds evolve and adapt.

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6 EASY Steps to get healthy and STAY motivated 🥑💪

We could all use a little motivation to be healthy, to get fit and to STAY in that realm of nailing life. In this article I want to try and inspire some motivation to not only get healthy, but to find ease in the perceived effort!

Motivation certainly comes in waves for most, but why do some people find it easier to keep the ball rolling?

I am going to share with you what I consider to be six essential elements, when in alignment, that help make commitment to healthy lifestyle change more attainable.

motivation to be healthy

Lets just take moment first to acknowledge that the journey towards becoming our most healthful self – it is rarely linear.

We will get spun around multiple times, sent ten steps back and then propelled forward. This is learning and this it what means to growth.

We are usually derailed from our path, when our egos of gluttony and instant gratification become more dominant. However, never allow yourself to feel guilty for these ‘steps back’, instead trust there is learning in every step, both forward and back.  

Find your power WHY

Why are you here reading this? What is your motivation to be healthy? What is it you want from this LIFE?

For me – I want to live in a way where it feels like my IBS has disappeared.

I want to prioritise time on my yoga mat and I sure as hell won’t with a hangover.

These driving forces are more powerful then anything else (most of the time). Sometimes they are not and I ‘fall off the wagon’, but this doesn’t mean I have un done all of my progress.

We are such harsh critics of ourselves and any step taken other than forward can sometimes result in some pretty negative mental noise. Belittling yourself of feeling guilty are both self imposed layers of suffering. They will trigger anxiety and depression and will never get you where you want.

Never allow your mind to become a bully. Instead talk to yourself the way you would talk to a child. Be soft, be loving.

Environment is Key

Simply feeling that motivation to be healthy… it is not always enough. Environment is key. Truly it is.

For many of us, we our products of our surroundings. We are likely going to behave similarly to those that we spend the most time with, those we live with, our partners. Look at what and who is around you. Do you see similarities?

Do keep in mind however, that you can’t run away from your own mental baggage.

One time I took myself across the world in order to drastically change my environment. I wanted to go and eat only fruit and heal my body without all the temptation that surrounds me in my ‘real world’.

Little did I know, that mental baggage gets checked onto all of your flights for free.

Away from all of my friends, from all my typical comforts, I STILL found myself (all on my own), elbows deep in cooked food and wine. Not to mention, all of this took place the night before a raw vegan fruit festival.

I woke up still drunk, pulling crumbs of shame and bread from my hair, as I walked to towards a bus of glowing fruitarains!

Anyway, my point is – you have to do the emotional work to change your beliefs and mind set.

Of course, it is only going to serve you well to surround yourself by an environment that is conducive to your health goals. 

Find Support

If you are unable to change your environment, then find support any way that you can. The online realms connect you with all kinds of people, on all kinds of paths. Facebook groups are a great start in connecting with those who are speaking your language.

During some of my most confusing times on my healing path, it has been my online pen pal people that have been my biggest support.

Look online, find events that resonate with your goals and meet people. They are out there. Feeling alone will make you vulnerable.

So find your people – physically or online.

Self Care Practice

motivation to be healthy

You don’t have to practice yoga and meditation as I do, but do find your version of something that quietens the mind and makes you feel amazing.

This could look like hiking, painting, creating music, maybe its going to the gym if that is your jam. Find something that YOU love that much, that it makes those un-healthful behaviours seem not worth the price. 

Once your priorities start to fall into alignment, the effort will become less in keeping the motivational ball rolling.

Establish a Routine

Get into a routine. I LOVE routine. Our bodies and our mind respond well to routine.

On my days where I am my most ‘healthful’, usually there is a vague plan in place. I’ll know what time I am getting up, how long I can spend on my practices and when I am going to fit in exercise.

I know how many hours I am going to work for before I take a break and have planned ahead what needs to get done that day.

I roughly know when I’ll be eating and I know what time I will meditate before I go to bed. I make sure I get enough sleep so I can get up early and do it again the next day.

You don’t have to be so rigid with this. Seriously, try to be fluid and be flexible. Have dinner an hour later and see friends last minute. Go and jump in the ocean if you need a pick me up, or take a nap. Just notice on the days where you have made time for the things that make you feel your best – you are more likely to stick to them.  

Get Mentally Sound

Check in with yourself and your mental game – what stories are you running throughout the day?

Are you constantly stressed and ‘too busy’? Are you sabotaging yourself because there is some emotional upset in the mind? A lot of people don’t even realise that they are making un-healthful choices – food and other behaviours – because the mind is unbalanced.

We are so very hungry for connection, pleasure, stimulation and there is nothing wrong with that. However, in our attempt to grasp these we often sabotage ourselves. We want instant gratification NOW and we often get it in the form of food, drinking, drugs and just being lazy in general. 

The Most Important Part?


I stand by these six elements. I truly believe that when they are in alignment holding onto motivation to be healthy comes with ease.


Life is all about balance. I can be captain extreme and I have found myself too serious at times. Too invested in going to bed early. Too harsh on myself when I end up on the wines with friends.

Always enjoy what you’re doing. If you try and force yourself into a rigid plan you are going to burnout and blowout. Trust me when I say I have been there.

There is more to life then being 100% healthy all of the time.

Laugh. Play. Drink the wine and eat the pizza.

Take Home Message

The 6 elements that inspire motivation to be healthy;

Find your power WHY 

Environment is Key

Find Support

Self Care Practice

Establish a Routine

Get Mentally Sound

Don’t feel guilty when you are not ‘perfect’ 

Allow for indulgence! I like to live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I am acting in alignment with my health goals. 20% indulgence is OK.

This is more calming for my mind, because 100% restriction is the devil. It can transform into guilty bingeing. Followed by more restriction to ‘get back on track’.

This is a HORRIBLE repetitive cycle to be stuck in. So be kind and show yourself love. Trust that if you just keep showing up – these healthy behaviours will become habits!

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Can Fasting Trigger Disordered Eating 🍽 ?

Fasting and eating disorders. Two sides of the same coin?

Not necessarily. Often fasting is criticised for being a form of disordered eating. However this is only true when the intention to fast comes from a place of deprivation.

In this article I want to talk to you about the demon that is disordered eating. It is essential that you comprehend the care that is required when it comes to fasting, if you are prone to this kind of behaviour.

I have experience with eating disorders and have gone through many relentless cycles of restricting my food and then bingeing. This is a horrible place to be in, physically and mentally.

I truly do believe that fasting can be a wondrous healing tool. I just think if you have danced with the eating disorder devil, you should proceed with caution.

Disordered Eating

Disordered eating usually involves some form of restriction in order to achieve a certain weight goal. It entails behaviours that range from mild to wild. From calorie restriction to purging food, both of which wreak havoc on the body and the mind.

When someone suffers from an eating disorder, there is usually a lack of self love. Often the individual is not content in their own skin. There is a lot of ego involved and there is often an unrealistic self (and societal) imposed expectations of how one should look.


fasting and disordered eating

Fasting when done from a place of love, is usually aimed towards healing.

Sometimes it is done for weight loss purposes, which can be a healthy strategy when navigated consciously and maturely. When someone embodies self love they are less likely to triggered into disordered eating. The risk is much greater for someone who is unsettled in themselves.

Fasting from Love VS Fasting from Restriction

Regardless of the motive behind fasting, weight loss is often a side effect (usually a pleasant one).

When a person experiences an eating disorder, there is a layer of trauma that needs to be unravelled. If this trauma is unresolved and dormant, fasting can bring it raging to the surface.

Fasting can become an addictive means of losing weight quickly or a way to ‘get back on track’ after periods of indulgence. 

The problem in using fasting in this way lies in the word ‘restriction’ itself.

When you fast from a place of love, the mind doesn’t necessarily see the process as a form of restriction. When the original motive is one of healing and self love, there is less chance of you running into problems. Bingeing and bulimia, both of which are acts self loathing, are just two of types of behaviours that can manifest.

When a fast transforms into an act of cruel self deprivation and becomes negative in nature, you will suffer.

When the mind feels as though it is being restricted, you can almost guarantee your periods of restriction will be followed up with periods of bingeing. Followed up by another period of fasting to ‘fix’ or ‘undo’ the ‘damage’. Then in due course comes another binge and so on. 

This repetitive, relentless cycle can get stuck on repeat and it confuses the hell out of your physical body.

The irony of dramatic and sudden weight loss, lies in the fact that it is actually a counterproductive means of losing weight. Your body will cling to fat in order to protect you and your hormones (which are ESSENTIAL to health) can end up in the gutter. 

The mental and emotional levels of your being can also become very unbalanced. As is the nature of restriction, you become obsessed with those foods you ‘can’t have’. You go to bed thinking of food and it is the first thing that creeps into your consciousness upon waking. You will avoid social situations in order to keep temptation at bay or if you do over indulge, you will make up for it by not eating at all the next day.

Play games like this and you run the risk of losing all sense of balance and become mentally consumed by what you can and cannot eat. 

How to Fast Consciously 

The word consciously says it all. You must always fast with awareness.

Be conscious of your original motives and make sure your fast doesn’t transform into a game of self deprivation. Notice the nature of your thoughts.

Is the mind running stories of self love, nourishment and healing, or ones of restriction, guilt and shame?

If you can be aware of this, you can pull back when necessary. If you do see there is a need to pull back, focus more on a balanced diet and eat an abundance of healthy foods as opposed to trying to navigate a full blown fast. You can still achieve amazing results by eating a more transitional diet of fruits and plants. 

Break the Cycle

If you do find yourself stuck in a restriction mindset, hit the restriction hard by giving yourself a week where you eat as much as you want of whatever you want.

That might seem daunting if you have the calorie fear, BUT notice that the mind stops obsessing when you allow it to have what it wants. Maybe the first day you WILL eat 20 cookies, but the next day, maybe it will be 10. Then it will be 5 and so on. Maybe one day you won’t have any. Trust this process.

I have used it many times before. Mentally saying ‘YES’ invites a calmness into the mind.

It is when we say ‘no’ over and again, that when we do indulge the mind says ‘better eat enough for 75 men now as it’s a one time deal’… but it’s never a one time deal is it. If the mind knows, its ok, I can have some more later, or tomorrow, or next time, it is less likely going to panic and let gluttony run the show. 

Take Home Message

Fasting and eating disorders are two distinct paths. However sometimes these paths can become unclear and lead you into the same dark part of town.

Fasting from a place of love can provide the body and the mind with a well needed rest. Stay conscious and aware of your motives and the kind of stories that are coming up in the mind. Know when it is time to pull back and end a fast and choose love by nourishing yourself with an abundance of healthy foods.

Try to see food more often as fuel as opposed to guilty indulgence.

YES, it is great to indulge from time to time. However, the more you use food to energise your being and find other ways to feel pleasure / stimulated / connected, the more mentally balanced you will come in regards to your meals.

Restricting yourself and then feeling guilt and shame when you do eat, these are all self imposed layers of suffering and can be mentally crippling.

Love yourself enough to only fast with pure intent. 

Connect with me if you are stuck and let’s navigate your way out of eating disorder hell together and continue to read up on how to practice fasting safely.

Holistic Healing

Weak Digestive System Symptoms🤰Healing Tips

There are a variety of weak digestive system symptoms to indicate an imbalance in the gut. More often than not the cues are loud, but sometimes they can be subtle enough that we can let things get into a horrendous state before we are forced to take action.

Although a little gas or bloating can be innocent enough, it is important that we listen to our body and respond when action is needed.

This article is going to explore the symptoms of a weak digestive system and provide you with some options for calming the gut down. 

weak digestive system symptoms

I have been in digestive hell for a few years. I know that it is much more than a physical experience.

The anxiety and frustration I have felt at my own body for not responding to the ‘cleanest’ diets, or all the expensive herbal protocols. 

I experienced extreme hopelessness in the beginning of my journey when nothing the doc prescribed worked. I continued to blindly take the myriad of prescription meds they would prescribe though because of the belief that the doctor ‘knows best’….

When it comes to gut health, doctors actually do NOT know best.

They will attempt to band aid your symptoms and after a few rounds of drugs that do more harm than healing, they will tell you that you have IBS and that there is no cure. 

One thing that is true, is that there is no quick fix. There is also no one method to suit all, but I will not admit defeat.

However, I am now a strong advocate of taking healing into your own hands. 

This can be equally as frustrating as it is scary at times. For sure. One of the big challenges to be wary of is falling too deep into any one particular rabbit hole. You can waste a lot of time and energy when you become dogmatic in one belief system and trust me there are many out there claiming to have the found the elixir of life.

Of course if you find something that works, amazing, stick at it. 

However, if something is not working for you. Adjust. Always allow room to be flexible and fluid. This is the only way we learn and evolve.  

Digestive Dilemmas 

How prevalent they truly are! I don’t know whether I find it comforting to know that so many people are in the same bloated boat as I am, or if it scares me because there really seems to be no healing going on out there!

Most people will have at least experienced some form of discomfort in the belly, but when symptoms are chronic and persistent it can really take its toll mentally and physically. 

A lot of people experience relief when they clean up their diet and this is not a surprise when you look at the kinds of foods we are typically eating. Not to mention our relationship to food, where more is more and even MORE is more when we are sad, lonely, bored or looking to connect. 

For some lucky people a simple diet clean up can do the trick.

However, when there is something more going on even the cleanest diet can be of no avail and this is frustrating beyond belief. When you are doing ‘all the right things’ (which are often not the right things), and you STILL suffer… this is when a dark and heavy cloak of hopelessness can start to weigh down on your shoulders. 

For me the game changer was getting my mind in check. I was obsessed with finding my ‘heal all’ and was looking into all the corners of the internet, trying to find what worked for others.

At first it was trying to find that one pill. Soon that turned into finding that one fast (to rule them all…)

I know, I’ll eat only mangoes for 30 days. That will reset my whole body.

It didn’t. 

Understanding that my obsession and stress were only making things worse, forced me to stop and breathe. I know this isn’t the advice you want, you want a solution… I know.

In the meantime though you HAVE to get your mind in check. Comprehend that you are NOT your gut health. You are NOT your bloated belly, you are a being in a physical body simply experiencing GI discomfort and EVERYTHING is impermanent and fleeting. 

I won’t go on and on about the importance and beauty of meditation (for now), but I will just say that the gut-brain connection is so widely acknowledged that it is something to look into. 

Weak Digestive System Symptoms

There are many tell tale signs that the gut is imbalanced.

Sometimes these signs can be obvious and hard to ignore, but other times the cues are more subtle. Some of the most common are;







Food intolerances





Even when we are eating all the ‘right things’, if the body is unable to digest and utilise our food we can become malnourished. Low B12 and low iron are both common indicators that the gut is not absorbing effectively what it needs. Many people will be quick to take a supplement but this is not going to treat the root cause of the issue.  

Coming back to that gut-brain connection.

Often what is going on in the belly, can have a direct effect on your mental health. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, brain fog… these can also be a sign of gut imbalance.  

Bowel Movements

Another question that no one wants to ask, but is more than informative in regards to gut health;

‘how many bowel movements are you having a day?’ 

Think about how many meals you are having, the size of those meals and what their transit time through the body is? When you think about it in these terms, maybe you can see that going once a day doesn’t really cut it. 

Although once a day would be said to be the ‘norm’, ideally you want to be having 2-3 healthy bowel movements a day (if you are having 2-3 hearty meals)

Plan of Attack 

All of these symptoms, your bowel movements and the state of your mental health can tell you a lot about the state of your GI tract.

If you are suffering from any of these, I feel your pain and I want to share with you now what is supporting me when I am suffering. 

What can you actually do to ease your woes? 

When your symptoms are raging, when suffering is relentless and nothing is easing your discomfort, my advice to you is to fast. 

Even it is just for 24hours. 

You should navigate this in any way that feels good for you. You can juice or water fast and either one will give your digestive system a break. Even if 24 hours is out of your comfort zone, you could simply push out your first meal of the day and fast for 15 hours… 18 hours.

The aim is to remove everything that is irritating the system and let it settle.

What you do next will be dependant on where you are at and what you are comfortable with. You could continue to fast, really allowing the body to rest or find another healing protocol that suits.

This is where you will want to do your own research. Remember what I said about not getting trapped in any one rabbit hole though…. Keep an open mind, find what resonates and leave what doesn’t. 

One option if you are more detox inclined, is to try a more elaborate fasting protocol. You could extend your fast with juice or water. A more intensive fast that I have not done myself, but I see many doing is The Master Fast System. This protocol involves drinking pasteurised grape juice, dry fasting, taking herbal support and doing enemas to help clean the terrain. This fast is not to be taken lightly and would require that you to do the research and have adequate support!

weak digestive system symptoms
Mucusless Diet Healing System

Another option is to onto a herbal protocol and go for mucus free foods.

Another is to do a mono fruit feast.

weak digestive system symptoms
Mono Meals – The Easiest on Digestion

Other options are experimenting with an elimination diet, or bringing in fermented foods and drinks to try and boost your gut flora. 

I know I’ve just thrown a lot of options at you. I am sorry for that. Try not to be overwhelmed as stress is a major gut irritant, just be glad there are options.

The first thing you want to do, is to take a breath. Allow the breath to quieten and find relief from mental suffering.

Take Home Message

When the digestive system is outta whack, it can take its toll mentally and physically. Sometimes symptoms are easy to ignore and other times they are there loud and clear, but regardless you want to take them seriously. 

All dis-ease starts in the gut. 

It’s not just me saying that… these are the wise words of Hippocrates.

A little bit of food baby bloating or gas can be innocent enough. However, when your symptoms are persistent and seemingly unwarranted some investigation might be due. 

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by the myriad of information out there. Stress is only going to exacerbate your symptoms further and worry adds nothing productive to the situation. I KNOW this is easier said then done, but when you are lost in a vortex of anxiety and depression try to come back to the breath and know you WILL be OK and YOU are NOT you digestive problems.